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Communicating Credibility™

Next Program Dates: April 6, 2018 & September 21, 2018

Course Description

Communicating with confidence, credibility and influence is a must. The consequence of ineffective communication is high. Powerful communication leads to increased sales, greater business opportunities, or perhaps a coveted promotion. The mechanics, messaging, and mindset learned within Communicating Credibility™ are far reaching; they can be applied to practically any business communication situation - from the board room, the ballroom, the conference room, to telephone conversation. The goal of Communicating Credibility™ is to give you the tools and practice that will help you be perceived as: Credible, Influential, Impactful, Knowledgeable and Confident.

Expected Outcome

In this course, you will be able to:


Corporate Training Programs


The Speaker’s Choice™ works nationally delivering a variety of corporate training programs, giving clients the keys to make positive and lasting impressions. The results are more confident and influential business professionals.


Communicating Credibility – 1 Day Workshops


This “hands on” open enrollment workshop is limited to 12 people. It is highly experiential and includes 1:1 coaching. In just one day, learn the skills you need to communicate with credibility, influence, and trust.
Upcoming program dates: April 6, 2018 & September 21, 2018

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The Speakers Choice
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